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Sick of High Amazon Prices? Here’s The Free App Pro Shoppers Use to Pay Less Than You Do.

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After years of inflation and soaring prices, it’s been difficult as a consumer to keep up. There could be certain things you actually need to buy, but don’t, thinking of all the other things you need to pay for first.

Just last year, Amazon Prime increased their yearly subscription from $119 to $139. There’s no doubt online shoppers are feeling the strain on their wallets.

But before you renew your Prime membership, take a minute and grab Capital One Shopping. It’s a free browser extension which is made to help you find a better deal online for almost any purchase.

It’s really simple to use: Add their extension to your browser, search for the product you need on Amazon, then Capital One Shopping will search through thousands of different online stores and sellers to help you find a better deal on the same product.

Here’s an example:

Capital One Shopping found a better deal on this blender by looking for the same exact product online, but they found it from a different seller at a much better price. It can be shocking at times to see how much you can actually save on a single purchase when you have the tool to compare prices in real time.

Comparing prices manually on your own is near impossible, but having access to Capital One Shopping is almost like having a loyal personal shopper whose number one goal is to save you money wherever possible.

It’s 100% free to use and super easy to get started, but if for whatever reason you’re not convinced, you can just uninstall it. However, last year alone, Capital One Shopping saved their users over $160 million on their purchases, which is something to think about.